Stu’s Personal Training and Sports Massage was established in 2018, and has grown steadily since its inception, providing quality personal training to many clients.


The company is managed by Stuart Cole and Akelia Cole.


Stuart is qualified in several areas of fitness, training and nutrition. This enables him to deliver advice across a broad spectrum of activities relating to fitness and well being.

From the Register of Exercise Professionals:

  • Sports Massage Level 3

  • Nutrition Level 3

  • Personal Trainer Level 3

  • Gym based boxing instructor

  • Circuit Training instructor

  • Spin instructor

  • Strength and conditioning core lifts

Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going

Stuart specialises in the following activities


Personal Training

Providing one-on-one personal training tailored to your goals will help you achieve the results you desire. Having a personal trainer you can rely on and trust is foremost in ensuring continuous progress towards your goals.

Our personal training service is not limited to exercises alone, it also includes nutrition advice and diet plans, which are essential for long term success.

Many of our clients have bespoke exercise and diet plans, which used in combination are much more effective that either one alone.


Group sessions

Bringing fitness to the office, has many benefits, that have been well documented in a considerable number of studies. Promoting well-being in the workplace, where many of us spend a considerable part of our lives, has been proven to improve productivity – providing benefit to both employer and employee. As well as the obvious physical benefits, there are considerable mental benefits, including the lowering of stress levels, clearing the mind allowing for better workplace focus afterwards.

Being healthier in mind and body can also greatly improve company culture.
Classes can range from just 2 or 4 people and extend to classes of over 10.


Online sessions

Never has remote or online classes been more poignant, than in the current global lock down situation. We can provide personal training via live video link right into your home.

We can also offer pre-recorded training sessions to suit your timescales.

Our remote training sessions are prepared and delivered in such a way, as to ensure continued success even in the most challenging of times, using your platform of choice, such as Skype, Zoom and Facetime.


Sports Massage

We have extensive sports massage experience spanning several years. Our sports massages are designed for but not limited to regular gym users. We also cater for people with muscular pains and injuries across a broad client base from people that have sedentary jobs to those that have highly active and physical jobs.


Boxing and Pad Workouts

Our experience in martial arts and boxing enables us to provide high quality pad workouts and boxing training. Having a personal interest in these areas allows an enthusiastic delivery of these workouts designed to be very enjoyable.


Strength and Conditioning Sessions

Our boxing background means we have an extensive client base of boxers or people who want to box. This type of training often focuses on very specific exercises, designed to meet the specific needs of your chosen sport.


Free weights and strength building sessions

This is a core area of fitness that many people are interested in, our extensive experience in this particular area of fitness and conditioning will greatly improve your chances of success.


Hiit Training classes

The High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT) classes we provide are designed to be challenging but still a lot of fun, we often add boxing and weight circuits to the mix to add some variety.

Stuart has many satisfied clients, helping people achieve their goals with high energy and enthusiasm, allowing clients to achieve the “best version of yourself”. Each training programme is individually tailored to suit a client’s aspirations and goals.

Providing strong motivational support is a key factor in allowing clients to achieve their goals, and Stuart’s programmes are tuned to provide the client with long term sustainability. This prevents loss of focus and maintains client engagement: this is a key factor in delivering success. Lifestyle and nutrition advice is also included which enables clients to make the best choices to support their training programmes, and maximise their chances of success.